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Explore the World of Playground Equipment: A Comprehensive List of Names and Types

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Playgrounds are a place where children can play, learn, and grow. Playground equipment is essential to this environment, providing a safe and exciting place for children to play. In this post, we’ll explore the world of playground equipment, providing a comprehensive list of names and types of playground equipment commonly found in the UK.
Before diving into the list of playground equipment, it’s important to note the role of playgrounds in child development. The UK’s Department for Education recognises the importance of play in children’s lives and recommends that schools provide opportunities for play during break times.

The Department for Education’s Play Strategy for England highlights the importance of play in child development, stating that it helps children to “develop social skills, language and communication, physical, emotional and cognitive skills, and creativity and imagination.”


Swings are a staple of any playground, providing children with a fun and thrilling way to swing back and forth through the air. There are several types of swings, including traditional swings, tire swings, and bucket swings for younger children.

Climbing Equipment

Climbing equipment is an essential part of any playground, allowing children to test their physical abilities and develop their strength and coordination. Climbing equipment includes items such as climbing walls, ropes, and ladders.


Slides are another popular playground equipment item, providing children with an exciting way to slide down from a raised platform. Slides come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including straight slides, spiral slides, and wave slides.


Seesaws are a classic playground item, offering children a fun way to balance and work together with a friend. Seesaws come in a variety of designs, including traditional seesaws and spring-loaded seesaws.


Merry-go-rounds are a fun and exciting way for children to spin around in circles. They come in various designs, including traditional merry-go-rounds and spinner bowls.

Spring Riders

Spring riders are a popular playground item for younger children, providing them with a safe and fun way to bounce up and down. Spring riders come in various shapes and sizes, including animals and vehicles.

Multi-Play Units

Multi-play units combine several different types of playground equipment, providing children with various play options in one area. They often include items such as climbing equipment, slides, and swings.

Safety and Regulations

It’s important to note that all playground equipment must meet specific safety regulations to ensure the safety of children. The UK’s Health and Safety Executive provides guidelines and regulations for playground equipment, including requirements for impact-absorbing surfaces and the maximum equipment height.

Choosing a reputable and experienced playground equipment provider is vital to ensure that the equipment meets all safety requirements and standards. At Playground Resurfacing, we are a UK-based company that provides high-quality playground equipment and installation services.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted and proven provider of safe and exciting playground equipment.
In conclusion, playground equipment is essential to any playground, providing children with a safe and fun environment to play, learn and grow. Several types of playground equipment include swings, climbing equipment, slides, seesaws, merry-go-rounds, spring riders, and multi-play units.

It’s crucial to ensure that all playground equipment meets safety regulations, and choosing a reputable provider such as Playground Resurfacing is essential for the safety and enjoyment of children.

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